How to Transfer a Real Estate Title


Transferring the title of a real estate is a simple process that can be done through the use of a legal instrument known as a property deed. There are four different types of property deeds, so the first decision is choosing what type to use for the real estate title transfer. While there are numerous reasons to transfer deeds, one would need to do so if a person's name is changed or removed from the property title. To facilitate the legal change to the property title, you should consider hiring the services of a real estate lawyer.


A competent real estate attorney will undertake the preparation and filing of the real estate transfer deed. You should have information ready about the property that you need to be transferred and the people who need to be listed on the title. The real estate attorney will perform an inquiry to know the legal description of the property. He will also let the current owners know whose names are on the deed. Usually this process is done under three categories. To transfer a trust, an abstract or certificate of trust should be provided. For the transfer to a real estate successions new orleans company, the article of incorporation or certificate of formation is required. In case a co-owner on a current deed dies, a legal copy of their death certificate or an affidavit will be required.


When you sigh the real estate deed, you lawyer will file it with the relevant county recorder's office. Normally, the filing and recording process takes anywhere from four to eight weeks, and you will get your new real estate deed in the mail.


At times a parent who is aging would want to give the legal responsibility of their home to their child. If the home has a mortgage on it, the person who receives the property will have to get a loan before the property transfer process by the closing company new orleans is complete. After that, the parent will fill in a quitclaim deed also known as the deed of release to transfer the ownership of the property. This process is recommended particularly for people who are related as it is simple and one does not need an attorney.


When signing the deed, a notary should be present. They will stamp and sign the deed making it legally binding. You may require the signatures of more witnesses depending on where you are. Ensure that you photocopy the document and send it to all parties.